Associated General Contractors of Maine celebrates accomplishments in safety, building, and excellence year after year by recognizing contractors that excel in these areas on projects performed in Maine. Along with those accomplishments, each project submission is judged on:

  • Contribution to the Community
  • Innovation in Construction Techniques or Materials
  • Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job
  • Environmental Sensitivity (Community & Nature)
  • Responsiveness to Client’s Needs
  • Safety

With all these criteria, it is a true honor to receive one of these awards. ETTI has earned five.

Installed 460’ of 16” dual containment line under 5 sets of railroad tracks, a stream, and Route 15 for International Paper & Sullivan Merit.

Installed 1,100’ of 8” HDPE SDR 11 pressure sewer across a tidal inlet in Ogunquit, ME for the Ogunquit Sewer District. 

Installed 250’ of 24” water line in Hatcase Pond with Sargent Corp. Hatcase Pond is one of the principal water supplies for the Town of Brewer.

Installed over 9 miles of 8” natural gas line from Pownal, ME to Freeport, ME for Maine Natural Gas. ETTI worked as the General Contractor on this project. 

Installed over 22 miles of natural gas line to supply the City of Augusta, ME. This included 10 miles of 12” steel transmission line and 12 miles of 6” and 8” poly pipe. ETTI worked as the General Contractor on this project.


“I am pleased to report that your company exceeded our expectations and delivered in all regards. From the beginning, ETTI worked with Methuen to develop and submit a solid work plan, schedule, and sequence of tasks. This plan was executed as promised, with ETTI doing a great job communicating the plan, coordinating with all stakeholders, and supporting other trades – most notably the diving subcontractor. When differing subsurface conditions were encountered, ETTI quickly developed and presented viable solutions and options to the project team to keep the job moving and the drilling operation mobilized. This enabled ETTI to ultimately complete the work within the original schedule and budget, which is commendable. We thank you and your team, specifically Project Manager Brian Chase, for your efforts on this project. We look forward to working with you on future projects and would recommend ETTI to others for any directional drilling work.”

Gregory Galbraith, Sr. Project Manager – Methuen Construction Co., Inc.


“Deloury Construction was awarded the contract to construct a subdivision road in the town of Derry, NH. During the construction process, the Owner had elected to install water main within the subdivision. On short notice, the engineer and Deloury had to secure the state permit to gain access to the state road to connect the water main. So late into the season, open cut method was not an option. The state issued the permit on the basis of directional drilling, but still with only a short window of time. Deloury contracted a local directional drilling company that commenced drilling. After one hour of drilling, the drilling company elected to pull off of the project, as an obstruction was encountered that they did not have the capability to bore.

With days running out and the permit about to expire, contracting another directional drilling company with “our backs against the wall” was going to be difficult and potentially very costly based on our current situation. We contacted Scott Kelly of ETTI in an effort to get the water main across the state road. When I spoke with Scott, I had no other options but to lay my cards on the table and explain to him the situation, history, and budgetary constraints of this project. Scott understood our limitations and schedule, and committed to a price drilling in rock.

Scott acknowledged our budgetary constraints and set forth pricing that was acceptable for worst-case and best-case scenarios. ETTI commenced drilling and in no time bored across the state road, encountering only minor rock conditions. They beat the state permit expiration, which was a critical component to the project’s success. Then came the phone call from Scott that we had not been anticipating. In discussion about the job, Scott explained that he was only going to invoice for the actual conditions and equipment required. This came as somewhat of a surprise to me, as we had earlier agreed upon terms that were well above the final invoice. This is an uncommon business practice these days, and considering the situation we were in, it would have been very easy to knock a few bucks off and look like a hero, but Scott went way beyond by cutting the initial invoice by 70%. According to Scott, it was about simple ethical business, which creates confidence in the next job and the job after that.

In my discussions with Scott afterwards, I told him it gave me great confidence in working with him again after experiencing his business philosophy first hand. I would strongly recommend ETTI to anyone and look forward to our next project with them.”

Chris Ryder – Deloury Construction


“I would like to personally thank ETTI for the excellent job done in Port Clyde this summer. This project faced the installation of a water line through solid ledge, across highly landscape yards, and down a steep slope. After speaking with ETTI, they agreed to directional bore through solid ledge down the 200-foot slope to install the 2″ main. The minimal impact to the landscaping, elimination of blasting, and the speed and accuracy of ETTI’s equipment were all contributing factors making it feasible to utilize directional boring as an alternative. When we ran into this issue, not only did ETTI help us devise a plan, they implemented the plan flawlessly and on schedule. For any future projects that require directional boring, I will be sure to recommend ETTI.”

Doug Morrison, Project Manager – Sargent Corporation


“I called ETTI for a quote for boring. When I received it, I was very impressed. There was no question what we could accomplish with the project. The end result was done safely, correctly, and professionally. CR Tandberg, Inc. takes pride in our work, and it is a pleasure to have a business like ETTI working beside us. I look forward to having the opportunity to working with ETTI in the future.”

Sue Tandberg – CR Tandberg Inc.


“Our first project with ETTI was back in 1998. I recall how impressed I was at that time with the accuracy and no-nonsense professionalism. More than ten years later, I continue to be impressed each time we use ETTI. Site challenges are always met with a cooperative, problem-solving approach. Thank you for this opportunity to express our satisfaction with your company and its fine personnel.”

Robert N. MacKinnon, Jr., Superintendent – Yarmouth Water District


“Labbe Excavating, Inc. has completed several projects that required underground directional boring services. ETTI was highly recommended for this service by a local utility company. ETTI and its employees have been found to be extremely professional in all aspects of the work required. The estimated time schedule for completing the projects was accurate and completely satisfactory. Their work was very precise and top quality. Labbe Excavating, Inc. certainly looks forward to working with ETTI on future projects and would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their services.”

Philip N. Labbe, President – Labbe Excavating, Inc.


“The Kittery Water District has contracted ETTI on numerous occasions for projects ranging from directional drilling beneath a very busy state highway to directional drilling beneath a town road 50 times to renew water service lines. All of these jobs were completed without a hitch. I am very impressed with the entire staff of ETTI, from the estimator right down to the drilling crew. The crew is always punctual, professional, polite, having both excellent work and safety ethics. ETTI has well-maintained, modern equipment, and most importantly, the experience to complete the job and “hit the target” every time!”

Michael Rogers, Superintendent – Kittery Water District


“Hello Scott, just wanted do drop you a line on how well the bore went. The crew did an exceptionally great job, top notch. As usual, your standards are very high. Brian and his crew kept the area clean and neat, and equipment was in impeccable condition. All who attended were very impressed. It brought back fond memories of the early days – about 15 or so years ago – when it was just you, Jim, sometimes your father, and me learning something new every time we bored. I am proud to have been a small part of your success. Keep up the good work.”

Jim Ganley – Neuco


“I was the site engineer for the South Alburgh Fire District #2 water main project with your crews for the installation of the directional drilled HDPE water main. We had challenges of working around wetlands and archaeology. I was impressed by the professionalism, work ethic, and overall knowledge of your crews, specifically the project foreman. Every day they were prepared and ready to work by planning one step ahead. I have worked on projects that have required a number of directional drills in the state of Vermont. This was the first project I worked with your company on, and I can say the crew was the most efficient I have had the privilege of working with. The new directional drilling equipment, technology, and knowledge of the crew cut the anticipated schedule down considerably, all while providing minimal disturbance along the west shore of Lake Champlain. Please extend my gratitude to your crew members who worked on the project and stayed away from their families. I will be sure to provide a reference to other clients of ours, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with ETTI again.”

Robert M. Clark, Project Engineer – Phelps Engineering, Inc.


“I would like let you know about how impressed I was at your patience and skill on a project that we shared together involving a directional drill completed with a steerable downhole hammer in altered hard rock. At the time of our teaming, the project was underway with the pilot hole partially completed. The hammer would not steer up, thus creating a problem with the ability to hit the exit target window. There were two options: re-drill the hole and incur associated expenses, or sidetrack with the pneumatic hammer to save much of the invested work. To my knowledge, sidetracking a pneumatic hammer had not been successfully done before. The risk at sidetracking in broken rock is that the bit has no purchase in the rock to function. However, with careful thought as to location in the hole and patience for doing the job right, you were successful at sidetracking and then extending the hole to the target exit point. Just wanted you to know about this very difficult procedure and how impressed that I was in how you handled development and implementation of this novelty solution. I was impressed and appreciated the opportunity to assist you on this project.”

Brian Dorwart, PE, Sr. Consultant – Brierly Associates


“I thought I would write a very quick note to compliment you and your crew on what I consider a highly professional job installing the gas pipeline on Danville Corner Road in Auburn. Though this type of work is not in my particular area of expertise, as an engineer, I believe that I can certainly recognize a good job when I see it. All of the workers on the job with whom I have spoken have been extremely courteous, caring, professional, and well-informed. I am impressed by the way the crew cleans the work spaces very well at the conclusion of the day’s work. The areas where the work is in-process are usually well-marked, and the road surfaces are swept and quite clean. Thank you and please pass this message of thanks and appreciation along to your fine crew of professional workers.”

George Harris, PE – Micronetixx Technologies